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Kill the Hippies... Again

September 18th, 2003
Score : 5.0 fair
Peasant Male
Simply put, the author's talent is obvious, but the D-mod it self sucks.

The good
>>Cool Menu and midi: A gruesome,but funny transition from the loading screen to the menu. Awesome midi, that fits the purpose.
>>Hippie graphics: bizzare, like some halucination. done well.
>>The power up graphics:Nice implementation
>>The boomerang:cool weapon, but slightly annoying to use a times
The bad
>>Game Play nly one type of enemy. Teribbly unbalanced. You have to get several power ups before being able to fight them efectively, then it becomes pointless.
>>Story/ending:TERRIBLE! The hippies stole your uncles house so you go to look for it, only to find out that he traded it for a pokemon card.
>>Map: The map was extremely small. The scenery was ok but there was only one npc, who didn't have much to say.
>>Dynomite:This weapon killed me a least a half dozen times before I gave up trying to throw it or set it down.Either an error, or a kamakze type weapon that didnot come out well
Nice graphics and menu, but not worth the download.I'm not even sure how i triggered the ending.