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Helpin' the Ol' Duck Farmer

September 23rd, 2005
Score : 5.0 fair
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Helpin' the Ol' Duck Farmer is quite well done, but it has little new to offer to make it interesting to play.

The music, though changes a little too often for my liking, fits the dmod very well. Dialogue is well done, and pretty funny. Aside that the dmod is ordinary and linear. There are no new graphics, sounds, nothing. Lots of goodies are hidden behind bigger objects like trees, and while this alone isn't a bad thing, these are the only type of secrets there are (either that, or then I suck). There are only one type of enemies to fight, too.

Helpin' the Ol' Duck Farmer would do for a subquest in a longer dmod, but on it's own it's too boring.