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Grasp of Darkness

I shall not prepare Cropped version of screenshot originally taken by Drunkpunk.
July 5th, 2013
v. 1.052
Score : 8.5 good
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Story: The story in Grasp of Darkness is a pretty normal one. You get called by a king to go help someone in need- then after a bit of minor questing there's an evil wizard trying to destroy the world or something of that sort. In this D-Mod the evil wizard wants to bring darkness to the world as seen with the grey tinted sprites. Many of the cutscenes were impressively done.

Mapping: Certain areas were very well detailed. The meteor crash in the castle for example. The overall design of sections were interesting. The forest with all the teleports did feel somewhat lazy, though it was still fun to go through.

Graphics: This D-Mod uses many grey tinted graphics. They're quite nice and always fit in where they're placed. It also uses the green knight graphics, the ice spell, and the electrified stone wall graphics.

Combat: As it says, combat is quite difficult. The enemies weren't too overpowered. Though to be fair I was pretty much just running around shooting arrows into them. The slimes were pretty awful. They were terribly fast and only gave 1 xp. It was the boss fights that really bugged me. There were just too many one-hit-death cases.

Overall I was very impressed with this and I'd definitely recommend it. Don't expect to have any fun when facing a boss though.