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Grasp of Darkness

I shall not prepare
Released:December 26th, 2014
File Size:3.52 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed some things.
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Released:May 25th, 2014
File Size:3.52 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed a major thing
- Fixed some minor things
- Added cool midi
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Released:August 19th, 2013
File Size:3.51 MB
Release Notes:- Crushed a bug.
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Released:August 16th, 2013
File Size:3.51 MB
Release Notes:- Completely remade Rynth Forest. The warps are gone! Reduced number of screens!
- Over 17 scripts added or edited, yikes!
- Charlie's basement accessible through the whole game.
- Changed some dialogue.
- Fixed savebot herb boots bug.
- Replaced a midi.
- Fixed custom item bug.
- Added spark to notice hidden items.
- Made Dragon Pillbug easier.
- Nerfed electric walls.
- Updated walkthrough.
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Released:March 9th, 2013
File Size:5.17 MB
Release Notes:- removed a debug script.
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Released:December 30th, 2012
File Size:5.17 MB
Release Notes:- Added unformatted .txt walkthrough
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Released:May 24th, 2012
File Size:5.16 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed and tweaked various things.
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Released:March 27th, 2012
File Size:5.16 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed a critical bug that permanently decreased your attack value when destroying the clawsword.
- Added cracks to destroyable rocks.
- Minor dialogue changes.
- Added an elixer boutique. (new screen)
- Changed position of some screens.
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Released:February 1st, 2011
File Size:5.16 MB
Release Notes:- Added reward system, you'll now get a reward near the end of the game if you collected all the powerups and weapons by talking to a ball near the secret boss. (I'm serious)
- Added a neat powerup help system that is accessible by pressing the N key in-game.
- Increased speed of baby slimers. Increased Slimer boss hp.
- Added full inventory message for bombs and for the guy with the bow.
- Fixed ability to talk during intro, now you can't.
- Remade portal to the end boss and stairs to the second Darklands area, will now ask if you really want to go there.
- Altered the map a bit and a new screen has been added.
- Made Farmer Bob even tougher.
- Added hardmode for secret boss if you got all powerups and items.

There's probably some other changes too.
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Released:January 11th, 2011
File Size:4.17 MB
Release Notes:- Made Rynth Woods a easier to navigate.
- Added some new portal graphics.
- Made Gray Boncas weaker.
- Added a different boss tune for Dragon Pillbug.
- Boosted Slayer range.
- Added more elixers in Darklands areas.
- Added a savebot in Darklands entrance.
- Boosted Farmer Bob hitpoints to 1100.
- Added some important stuff in the walkthrough and fixed some typos.
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Released:September 10th, 2010
File Size:3.78 MB
Release Notes:- Fixed final boss, he really appears now.

- Added some minor stuff to the walkthrough.
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Released:August 31st, 2010
File Size:4.09 MB
Release Notes:This minor update + walkthrough of Grasp of Darkness includes:

- Walktrough included. Since players are experiencing difficulties, I've made an in-depth walkthrough covering secrets and tactics and everything else. There's also a map over Rynth Forest (some of you may be thinking: thank gawd fer that).

- Tile rocks and some more scenery sprites added.

- Some dialogue changes.

- Herb boots now increases strength by 5.

- An anticheat made by iplaydink reigns over the screens, so don't even try it.

- Some boss changes, remade the Slimer boss room, made the last boss much harder, some enemy XP values changed. Enemies in the dark forest becomes stronger if you've beaten the secret boss.

- Health gain from the option 'Increase Health' at level up screen increased.

- Gameplay hasn't been altered much, no story changes, no graphical changes.

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Released:April 18th, 2010
File Size:3.07 MB
Release Notes:Initial version.
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