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Goblin Trouble

The title screen. From the COTPATD project.
August 2nd, 2007
Score : 3.4 tolerable
Peasant Male Finland
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Storyline: Goblins are causing trouble, killing people and setting buildings on fire and everything, weeeee. Not very original. 5.0

Mapping: Not very good. Lots of hardness errors. In the screen with the burning church, there are warp sprites that lead nowhere, freezing the game. Bordering the screens with fences is cheap and the author didn't seem to know what screenmatch is. 3.0

Scripting: Bugs! If you pick "goodbye" when talking to the bartender, Dink stays frozen. The author has not seemed to use global variables at all, so the NPCs say the same things every time. I was able to get the items from the NPCs over and over again. 3.0

Dialogue and humor: Some bits of dialogue were funny, but I got the feeling that this DMOD tried desperately (and failing miserably) to be the next Quest for Cheese and some forced attempts at humor weren't funny at all. I wonder why you can ask the pillbug about the grumpy tree, if you try talk to the tree first you are killed! And if you cheat to survive talking to the tree, the game freezes. duh. A lot of stuff was scripted, though, and it's always fun to talk to and punch everything. 3.5

Music, sounds and graphics: No music. No new sounds either. Some new graphics, which looked like 30 second Paint jobs though. 2.5

Overall: A short and very average DMOD, I didn't enjoy this one very much. It's got some bugs and annoying glitches and a rather tired story. Some attempts at humor were funny, though. Maybe I'm being a bit overcritical but I'm not going to praise this one to the heavens either.

Or maybe I'm just having a bad day. Or maybe not.

3,4 points.