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Elves of Rathor

This is the completion of first DMOD. Pretty basic one quest type thing. Some new graphics too.
Released:January 31st, 2006
File Size:964.00 KB
Release Notes:v1.4
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August 24th, 2004
Score : 7.9 good
A good dmod with a severe lack of polish.

Style: 8
Some hardness bugs, and less than perfect mapping. The graphics are clipartish, but mostly good. The beaver and moose especially looked nice. Many, many objects are scripted, which is a definite plus. Somehow the interaction with people seemed... off, though. I didn't sense much personality from Dink or the people he talks to. The music was somewhat folkish, but it fit the premise, and the new(?) sounds were excellent. On the whole, the game felt exceedingly cool.

Gameplay: 6
Some of the depthdots for the new enemies were wrong, which is quite annoying, though hopefully this will get fixed. The gameplay was the usual, although some more direction might have been nice.

Story: 9
The premise is actually quite good. Dink gets sent to Canada, where he has to save the princess. Only in this version of Canada, there are elves and demons and a monarchy. Now there is a thought! Us new worlders tend to see the medievil European "mythology", with dragons and such, as being set in (medievil) Europe. American mythology, besides what little has trickled down from the Native Americans, takes a more modern setting-- Rip Van Winkle, for example-- and is less outrageous. The idea of using European magic in a new world setting strikes me as a good one (I don't know how "European" elves are, but I never imagined them roaming the forests of Canada!) On the other hand, the specifics of the set up (i.e., why Dink is in Canada) are bad.

Overall: 7.9
Probably worth the download, for a quick shot of fun, and a few laughs at the expense of those crazy Canadians. An extra .2 in anticipation of fixes.
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