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Dried Land Tiles

July 6th, 2002
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Male
A cracked tile set. Yes, it looks good, mimifish has blended them in well with the rest of the tile set, what's more, he has used MSPAINT to do this. There are goods there are bad, and they all lie in the 3 sections below. Go on, have a look.


He has used MSPAINT to construct these tiles, yes very nice tiles indeed. I can see that he has spent some time on putting them together to make them fit the tile set he wished to add them to. The tile set, as a whole is pretty good. Not brilliant, but I like them. This tile set really does show cracked tiles, although the cracked tiles here are slightly hard to see, due to them blending with the rest of the tile set. Oh well, yes, of course, weaknesses... Look below


Please, do not take me wrong, but if you download spare tiles, you will see that mimifish's tiles use my tiles as a base. To become a REAL author, you make tiles from scratch. Please, mimifish, ask if you can use them next time. It makes life so much easier. Anyway, I mentioned before about how much these tiles blend. Some people may not be able to see the way that the tiles have been cracked, as they simply blend into the tile set too much. If you needed to blend them in this much, it will be better just to use the original tile set. Rather, than, say add an extra DUNK of kb's into your file. I feel very strongly about this, as it is simply blending too much...


A good tile set, using my tiles as a base. They resemble cracked earth well, but I feel they blend into the rest of the tile set too much. Meaning it may be hard for others to see the way that this earth has been cracked. Overall, a good tile set.

Total 7.5
Grade B

End Comment "A good tile set, making use of cracked earth"