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Dinky Dimensions 2: End of Time

The best loading screen ever. From the COTPATD project.
February 15th, 2002
Score : 8.8 good
Peasant Male Australia
A very nice medium sized DMOD. No bugs. A bit too much walking around unless you armed yourself with a couple of bombs and slayer claws. I enjoyed this one so much more than FIAT, although FIAT has so much more in it. Strange? Hmmm, less is more, so they say.

Graphics - new ones, including a dream world - oh that REDRUM!
Midis, similar in style to FIAT, yet not as annoying for me.
Weapons and items, a few new ones always a welcome addition.

Overall it is a... relaxing DMOD. Downer ending, (unless there are multiple endings)

High points are the cut scenes, these are long and very well done.

If you want a DMOD that isn't going to tax your brain, but still has a great dare I say professional, quality level. Go for it. Redink1 has delivered what you're looking for.