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Dinkablo II: Shadow and Flame

Dink reaches a permanent dead end. From the COTPATD project.
June 9th, 2003
Score : 7.5 good
Peasant Female
Storyline: Dink has to kill Diablo in order to save the world. Diablo is the Overlord of Darkness.

Map and graphics: The map is decorated nicely, but all areas look the same and that is a shame.

Music: The music is good.

Good: The 'choose your path wisely' message is nice, but a savebot would have been handy: if you choose wrongly, you can restart the game. The Forgotten Tower looks cool, as do the other temples: the bars are nicely done and the entrance too. All the inside of houses are very detailed and you can see the author put time and effort in those.

Not so good: The training area for new Dinkers is quite superfluous. Funny is the sign that explains how you can talk to a sprite: you have to press spacebar in order to see the text that says: "To talk, press spacebar." So, if you do not know that you have to use spacebar to talk, you will never see the text explaining just that. And if you do know how to talk to the sign, the message that you have to use spacebar so you can talk to the sign is unnecessary.
I got quite confused by all the names and places that are mentioned in this game and even more when it turned out you did not need to remember any of those since they do not feature in the game.
Although the beginning is a bit dumb, with the training area, the rest of the game looks real good and makes you want to adventure and explore and do all kind of exciting things. But there is not that much to do; you can talk to some people and kill some monsters and admire the inside of the temples, but that is it. No nice quest, not even a mini one. I found that quite unsatisfactory. The game promises a lot, but does not live up to it. You can not even fight the end-boss.

Overall: Good map, lovely temples, nicely decorated, but no gameplay and not much of a story.

Fit for: If you want an easy D-mod that you can finish without having to fight or do much.
September 12th, 2004
Score : 6.3 fair
We can all agree that Diablo II, on which this dmod is based, was a brilliant game. I mean, you try making an RPG with no character development. Ain't easy. What made it good?

1.Good, somewhat difficult gameplay
2.A brooding, well cultivated mood

Dinkablo II, although relatively well done, has neither of these.

Style: 4
The game couldn't decide if it was a parody or a reproduction. There was some subtle humor at the beginning (a sign gives you directions on how to move, if you talk to it,) but ultimately, the game settles down to trying to reproduce, largely intact, the plot and geography of Diablo II, as none of the names have been changed. Sadly, it totally failed to recreat the mood. The rogue encampment does not seem at all like an armed camp. The terrain looks sunny and cheerful. And Tristram wouldn't scare anyone. The decoration has been done "well", with varying sprite sizes, and the music, some from FFVII, generally fits.

Gameplay: 7
Mostly the usual and too easy, in general. No shrines, or dropped weapons, or skills, or minibosses, or new enemies.

Story: 8
Only vaguely relevant. I suppose that the way Dink is tied in could have been better.

Overall: 6.3
An unworkable premise, but maybe worth the download... maybe.
August 28th, 2003
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male Australia
This DMOD has a fairly big map which is nicely decorated. The gameplay is very basic. There are scripts attached to screens which repeat themselves. The intro and tutorial/training area are strange as they have signs telling you how to do things such as move and talk, but you have already done these things just to get to the training area.

Without any driving quest (other than defeat Diablo) it's hard to be interested in finishing this DMOD. But the map decoration work is good. You can always up your stats so you don't die touching slimers and pillbugs and then just wander around.

Music from Age of Empires II sometimes worked, sometimes didn't.

The end boss (which you can't fight) is a new graphic (I'm assuming pinched from Diablo, but I could be wrong). You meet this creature and that's it.

Not enough save machines.

Over all 6.5 out of 10.
July 29th, 2003
Score : 3.5 tolerable
Plot: Kinda messy due to awkward dialogue. In short, you must destroy Diablo, the Overlord of Darkness.

Good: Ok maps, enemies, a couple towns, and a few mediocre new graphics.

Bad: Dialog has horrible grammar and is rediculously cheesy. Scripts are just lame; if you walk back on the start screen, the intro will repeat itself. This also happens in several other places. There is a store that has different priced items although none of your gold is taken. Tiling is done incorrectly so in multiple spots you can walk up on top of solid areas. There is a moderate difficulty level due to excessive enemies in cramped areas, that is, if you bother trying to kill them. At one point, before the first save machine, there are six teleporters. One of them will take you to the next area. The other five will take you to a small dungeon from which you are unable to escape, forcing you to start the game over.

Overall: Gets 3.5 just for the considerable amount of crappy content.
April 5th, 2003
Score : 8.9 good
Peasant Female Canada
We can out-drink most Americans! 
Dinkablo II: Shadow and Flame Demo by Firelake.

The Good: Demos scare me a little as not many of them are continued into full games. This was a good demo, which gave me a glimpse of what could be, if it gets finished. The background and monsters were as per usual, but the storyline and the hints of what *may come*, fill me with anticipation, Not many save bots, with the first being cleverly hidden, but I beleive that was the intention of the author. The scenery, which we have seen many a times, was rather simple, but being a demo...could less be more? No major bugs that I could find. But hey..who was that strange being at the end of the demo?

The Bad: Only 3 save bots, the usual pillbugs/slimers/boncas and spikes and like I said above..rather a bland scenery, but being a demo it could vastley improve.

Overall: A nice little demo, to what I really hope is the beginings of a good Dmod.