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November 4th, 2005
Score : 7.3 good
The main problem behind the "pillbug effect" is that the engine doesn't think of sprite sequences as single numbers, it thinks of them in groups of ten.

I think it's been said before but the sequences are always held in groups of ten for any sprite where directionality changes (12346789=numpad, 5=dead or whatever, and 0=base sequence). In a perfect world, all non-directional images (inventory, houses, signs, etc) would be shoved inside the same sequence groups leaving more room for everything else.

Rule of thumb: No brain == 1, Yes brain == 10. (It gets more complex, in as much as, if I remember correctly, some brains don't use all 8 directions regardless of whether a seq is available.)

Other than that, any attempt at making Dink easier to deal with should be applauded (even if they bugger fastfiles and windowed mode...).