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Dink.ini Index

June 20th, 2002
Score : 7.9 good
This is the only tutorial file (as far as I know) about the content of Dink.ini file. If you want to add new graphics for your dmod or change the existed hardness or frame rate without using Editor, you need to understand this file.

It was written in plain text file. When I first studied the file without really testing it in a dmod, I can hardly understood it at all. So it was not written very friendly for newbies. But once you had some experience with the sprite's hardness and frame rate, you will find this file is quite complete and almost includes almost everything that you need to know about Dink.ini.

The score can be much higher than it is right now, but this is a must have if you want to do a serious dmod. It can certainly be improved with a dmod-style file including some fancy examples. As a simple tutorial quick guide, it is fine just as it is.