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Dink and the Bonca

Dink tries out a new weapon. From the COTPATD project.
July 2nd, 2013
Score : 7.0 good
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Dink and the Bonca isn't bad for a first dmod. It has everything one would expect- pillbugs, martridge, and evil wizards. There is a major lack of depth to this story, though that's not a huge deal.

When I was first able to move, I walked the entire map before going to where I was supposed to. This is by choice. It might have been nice to make a bit less spacious map. Or even just block the bridge off until it's needed to be crossed. The town itself was really small and didn't offer much besides a weapon shop. My next stop was a cabin west of town for the first boss battle- which later on in the story disappears for no apparent reason.

I soon get the fireball spell. Which ends up being the only spell in the game. And on to the next boss battle. After that I'm teleported to a new area. This area is pretty much just a singular path. A path that has hardly any detail to it I might add. It leads to the third boss battle and a new weapon- the ice sword.

After obtaining the sword I'm able to face the final boss. All the bosses so far have yet to be very interesting. The first and second being too slow to hit you, and the third and the final having the same spell one just being stronger than the other. So they were pretty lame boss fights.

Overall there weren't many elements to make this a very interesting dmod, but it works and entertained me long enough to finish it. It's not very challenging, in fact everything about it was pretty simple. It's at least worth playing once.