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Cycles of Evil

January 7th, 2003
Score : 9.3 exceptional
I don't really know where to start with my review on this Romp D-Mod, but maybe the sentence "There wasn't a single second of boredom while playing this D-Mod." could be good to begin with. Let's now review individual parts of the D-Mod.

Plot/Story : Before the first season change, I thought this D-Mod was just about a single character. I thought that I was gonna be a farmer, taking care of my farm and nothing else would come. When I've realized how things really are, it hit me like a ten ton rock. I was amazed by the originality and idea for the story, it made me green with envy that I haven't thought of this myself. The jumps between present and past, the changes of characters and the story make this my number one favourite D-Mod. One might say it doesn't allow you to do anything unrelated to the story, but that's exactly the point. This D-Mod does a great job on interactive storytelling. The characters are perfect, especially the one (I believe his name's Timmy) with a small... problem. I give the plot 10 points for making me play it non-stop before finishing it and for the overall gaming experience.

Weapons/Magic : There's not really any need for more weapons or magic besides the ones that the characters get (the sickle, axe, tail, the fairy spell...). I really like how the farmer swings his sickle, haven't seen that yet. I can't help myself, but it's 10 points for how the lack of weapons for non-Dink characters was fixed.

Graphics : Now this made me gasp for breath. The season changing is outstanding and original. The pallete and sprites (like making the trees look different each season) changes are nicely done. I don't recall seeing the farmer's attack, so I guess it's newly created. Great job. The blizzard is definitely a plus too. Though it seems that I've forgot what do the rest of the numbers look like, it's 10 points for Graphics.

Saving : I prefer saving with the Escape key, in the menu, but that's only cause I'm used to it from other games. Savebots are good too, if they're on strategic places and allow easy access, but putting savebots in this D-Mod wouldn't be the best thing to do, since the map is quite small. I don't have anything against autosaving except for not knowing when will I get the chance to save my game. But since the autosaves are placed strategically, like they should be (after every season change), I rate the Saving part with 8 points.

Midis : I don't rate midis for a simple two reasons. 1) I don't pay much attention to the music playing because I concentrate more on playing the game and 2) different people like different music, what three people like, the fourth one might hate.

Monsters : This D-Mod doesn't contain much fights and the ones you get into are quite easy to win. Then again, this D-Mod doesn't really need fights more fights, since it's purpose is to tell a story. But I agree that the monsters (at least some of them) should be a bit tougher. 9 points for the Monsters part.

Conversation : I have to say something to the dialogues. They are all well written, but the part that I liked the most was the Autumn season, the way the Fairies talk. The titles they use to address each other, the words they say instead of 'goodbye' (if I recall correctly, it's "Have heart"), they're perfect. Only thing that's missing is more talking. Less fighting, more talking, that's not such a bad idea. I'm giving the Conversation part 9 points, losing one point because there could be more options when talking to someone (like when talking with the Fairies).

Overall : This D-Mod is awesome, it made me stay at the computer till I've finished it. Very interesting, original and nice story, the character chages and different seasons, as well as the time warps make this D-Mod unique and as I have already said this Romp is my number one favourite D-Mod.

Score : 9.3

Cheeze says:
"It's mainly the story that makes a good D-Mod, not just fighting, new weapons or magic. You have proven that by choosing an original and great idea for a story, you can make a D-Mod that is as addictive as any other. Great job, Dan."