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The Right Spell for Dink, but Wrong Spell for the Wizard
July 17th, 2009
Score : 9.9 exceptional
Peasant Male
I Bring Tidings of Spam 
Despite my title, this game was not boring at all. Sure you are sent to a distant isle of snow to help with some pointless chores, but this game was somehow very enjoyable. The addition of the duck riding the bonca was very comical. In fact, this game overall did have the feel of comedic brilliance. My only complaint, really was the ending, which was very quickly scripted and dissapointing. If I could give this d-mod a 10, I would, but by the looks of it, I cant.

Overall I give the story: 10/10.

Next up, the graphics. I really enjoyed the snowy landscape. It was so well done, I thought at some points I could be playing an Elder Scrolls game. I found that there was a lot of new a beautifully done graphics which must have taken a long time to perfect. Madstalker did a great job on this mod. I STILL would give this mod 10/10 if it was possible. Keep up the good work, Madstalker!!

Overall I give the graphics: 10/10.

Lastly is the sound, which went really well with everything in the game: The music, and the sound all around. Hey, it rhymed. Anyways I think the timing for each and every sound was fit for the moment, and I would definitely play this game over and over for that reason. In fact, I'm going to play this one more time after I'm done typing this review.

Overall I give the sound: 10/10!!

Wow, my first review where i gave the game all 10s. The reasons make sense that this game deserves them. This d-mod was very well written and ran smoothly with no errors.