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Castle of Lore

Original autumn tiles. From the COTPATD project.
November 16th, 2003
Score : 4.5 tolerable
One word: NO MAGIC (ok, so that's two words...)

Anyway, the short of it is:
* Lots and lots and lots of fighting and then some more
* Monsters in general are WAY too difficult, though some are terribly easy (no balance)
* Game freezes all over the place (happened at least 5 times to me)
* Lots of other bugs (hardness and such)
* Massive map with little or nothing to do, very little attention to map detail (I actually saw the same screen repeated approx. 10 times next to each other.)
* I'll say it again: NO MAGIC
* No real (sub)quests / puzzles to do - gameplay is as unbalanced as they come.

The only things which upped the score are:
* Good use of scripting possibilities for the knights (at the time this was innovative)
* Some new graphics, notably the "autumn trees"
* The "cheers" tune in the bar (love that !)