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Castle of Lore

Original autumn tiles. From the COTPATD project.
July 6th, 2002
Score : 6.5 fair
Peasant Male
Castle of Lore, James Perleys first D-MOD (I think). Anyway, you liked his 374 midi collection, didn't you? You liked how each of them was put together, you liked the endless choice he gives you from 374 midis. Well, THAT was good. However, I did not like this game as much as I could have done. Basically Dink is sent to another Dimension to discover the mystery of Droch. Okay, good storyline, very good, here's the pros and cons...


A GREAT! storyline, very well thought out. Superb midis, probably the best part in the game. The midis, keep James' storyline going on its goods. The midis here are excellent, just the right midis for the right times and places. Very well thought out. The storyline, as I have previously said, has been constructed well, and once again, it is the midis that are keeping it going so well. I feel that the actual gameplay is pretty good fun, untill the weaknesses come in, which show why you may not want to download castle of lore after all these good points...


Lots of the battles are hard, for example, monsters are very difficult to beat at the level you are, and are also very hard to dodge. The game doesn't seem to let you level up quick enough to take monsters like slayers and stone giants on. This is a sign of a bad D-MOD. Too hard to beat, a good potential storyline, but sitll too hard to beat anyway. To read my quick overview of castle of lore, look in the overall section of this review.


A good D-MOD, had a good potential, has very good midis, has a very good storyline, but gets boring when you begin to fight monsters. Too hard to beat, very tough, wont let you level up quick enough. The best part of it, however, are its midis. Superb, every single one of them. Well done Perley, on this half, but bad gameplay due to monsters.

Total 6.5
Grade C

End Comment "Hard monsters, good midis and storyline"