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Bug Mania

Sticky mayhem! Inside a shop Part of the town
April 15th, 2008
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male New Zealand
I beta tested this and was eletric with excitement. As far as Im conserened this is a great game!

Map and Graphics: Loads of new graphics. Bug blood, A red hammer and pumpkin splats to name a few! But by far the best was how Sparrowhawk used them! The maps were awesome (The town takes the banana cake).{9.9}

Tiles: No new tiles but there didn't need to be!{0}

Plot: No real reason why you did any of the stuff that you did.{2.0}

Sounds: Didn't hear any new sounds. {5.0}

Good: The map, the graphics and the scripting were exelent. {9.9}

Bad: No plot made this game lose some points. {7.0}

Overall Score: 8.5
Final remark: This is a good D-MOD to play and the arcade style adds a unique feel for this game. Get it now!