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An Age Of Darkness

Fighting against two pigs. Guess what you play as in this DMOD. From the COTPATD project.
February 3rd, 2019
Score : 6.3 fair
Peasant Male bloop
I returned to the darkness. 
Originally I thought this wouldn't be a great experience, especially after I played Dink Bigwood. But it's not bad actually. There are a few bugs (like the character movement frames turning into a pig), the grammar is not a strong point, and there are invisible walls. The mapping is avarage, but the new graphics are added nicely to the game. The main character in this D-Mod is a slayer, and that makes the gameplay more interesting. The story is good for the purpose, the game is a bit on the easy side, but the locationa and quest objectives are varied. And there's a new spell. I would recommend this D-Mod to people looking for a different gameplay experience than standard Dink.