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A few days have passed since we were looking for volunteers for an SEO book review . Over a dozen readers came forward, they were all contacted and sent the second edition of Fridaynite's SEO Book. The surprise among the candidates was great, especially the amazing scope of the SEO masterpiece seemed to have more than astonished some reviewers.

Hello Sam,
I thank you for this fat ham .
In this book, each letter has its own meaning
Many greetings

Hello Sam,
haha, I answer without reading it. A whopping 33 KB of concentrated PDF knowledge, I'm curious; o)
Greetings and a nice WE

The first SEO book review has definitely arrived in the editorial office. Martin Schwartz from Littlemail was the first to work through the book completely and to share his impressions with us. But see for yourself:

The first edition of Fridaynite's eBook was for free so it was out very quickly. Whoever went out without an Examplar can now hope for the second, revised edition.

As a connoisseur of the first book, the visual presentation of the new edition immediately caught my eye. Here the publisher decided to enrich the matter-of-factly matter with an optical eye-catcher. With bacon you catch mice, connoisseurs of the publishing business knowledge do it all too well.

The new edition was also developed conceptually. In favor of a more accurate description of search engine optimization, the author has revised the content of a certain exaggeration of the first edition. He managed not to inflate the book artificially. Rather, the clarifications of the content are pinned together in an exemplary, easy-to-read form into a condensed form.

All in all, it can be said that the second edition also appeals to new readers. The eye people will appreciate the presentation alone. And webmasters who have had their first experience in the field of search engine optimization under the guidance of the first edition will find valuable information in the new edition that can lead to a better positioning of their websites.

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