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2004-12-20 18:05:22
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I thought of that way but it just wouldn't work because of the number of globals. I was hoping of a different way like that but didn't use as many globals. Someone must know a way. I tried using the i button in dinkedit but it doesn't always work for instance there is a duck in my d-mod that registers as 25 in dinkedit but when i try to use the any of the say commands with that number it just doesn't work. Instead a different sprite says it. Maybe i am writing the say command wrong. say("blah", 25); will make a tree say blah and not the duck.

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I Don't Know if I Am the Only Person but the This Program Seems Extremely Buggy To Me Even... WinDinkEdit PlusNormalGood 7.5March 1st, 2006