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Exotic Flowers

Everyone loves to be different in what they do and the same applies to the average gardener. That is why gardeners strive to grow exotic flowers. Tropical flowers can make the change from traditional to the exciting, but it is a little more challenging than the traditional. They make wonderful gifts for anyone, especially if you grow roses and gerberas. Their stark and wonderful color can't be beat.

If you're daring enough to grow such flowers as heliconias (more about heliconias with best free plant identification app ) or gingers, then you will need all the information you can get before undertaking this job. Even if you have cut flowers, you will need to know how to extend their life in order to get the most out of them. For the shelf life of your plants, water them well before even cutting them, as some of these flowers drink very little after being cut. With exotic type flowers, they have adapted to their own environment, which usually involves heavy and frequent rain. This is why these flowers have their heads cupped to hold the water as it falls. They drink from the top and love being wet. Even the leaves are patterned for the purpose of feeding the plant water with the ridges it holds.

If your flowers have been out of water for over an half an hour after cutting, give them a bath by submerging them in water and leave them their for an half an hour or so. Cut 3 to 4 inches off the stems and place them in a tall, clean vase with lots of fresh water. You can spray a mist of water over them at least twice a day. It is wise to cut the stems back another few inches every few days. By doing this you are extending the life of your beautiful flowers by doubling the expected life span that you would have by not doing it.

So go ahead and bring your unusual flowers from the outside to the inside. It takes very little to keep them happy and to retain their beauty. It will give you days and maybe weeks of enjoyment in your home, not to mention the beauty it will add to both you and the room you place them in.

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