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2006-02-06 19:19:07
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1.) I agree with jjohn that it would be a nice feature to use mp3s or oggs.
2.) But midis are not necessarily bad sounding, this depends heavily on your soundcard. Given a good midi, a good soundcard delivers really good sound. And if you have a cheap soundcard, as I have, use simply tiMIDIty, a open source sequenzer, which can substitute your soundcards sequenzer (on Linux) or create wave-files (if you are one of the unlucky users of a well-known proprietary operation system ). It's available for Windows, too.
3.) If you want to use own mp3s instead of the given midis in a dmod, you can use mp123 to make wave-files out of your preferred mp3s (needs about 10 MB of discspace each minute of sound) and change every appearance of the midi to your wave-file. Use grep (yezz, it's free and open source) or such an ugly thing like winword for this job. Hope this helps as a walkaround.