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Just a high school student/ Flying Pig entusiast who love playing Dink Smallwood

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2003-01-22 20:49:37
: : : : Hey man, don't diss them, these are the Trillian emoticons. They're cutesy... but the other ones were in pretty colors.  Oh well. I think we need the ;p emoticon. I love that one.

: : : Yeah...Trillian's got lots of great smileys. I like the ;P one as well..

: : : But love? That's reserved for my Alli.

: : good choice Tal, Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn... AND you don't look like an idiot loving a bitmap

: : has anyone noticed that and look almost the same??

: :

: : hmmmmm

: Take your own advice... do you realize you just called me an idiot?

: And my love for bitmaps happens to be strictly platonic, thank you very much. My love for Tal, however, is a different matter entirely. (Who's sick of our love-talk? Come on, let's see a show of hands... )

doesn't bug flatline.