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2014-02-16 15:39:13
Peasant Male Croatia
I've been playing SoB with Dink Smallwood HD (Windows) and loving every minute of it, but I'm stuck on the Land of Reverence. I've talked to everyone, told the knight priest dude I want to join the flock, got the 500 gold from the chest, got the sword and that's about it. Last thing I've done is talk to the priest from the Church of Abstinence who told me to get some whiskey. I can't make it without Herb Boots, and I can't get them either, if I try to walk across the water northwest of the Church of Indulgence, I simply drown. I have no magic and basically the only things I've been able to do so far were talk to everyone, get the 500 gold from the chest, and get the sword from the retired soldier, I don't have any magic nor do I have any idea where to get it from. I can't go west of the vertical chest-savegamemachineforestentrance line. I have also tried cheating to get to the Church of Indulgence in time. Dink usually can drink from the well and piss around, but it's like his urge to piss simply goes away as soon as I step foot in the church. I'd really like to finish this game, can anyone give me a hand?