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2015-08-29 14:50:41
Well MsDink doesn't understand my points, but I'm glad that many of you do. And I appreciate that fact that although I had offended Skurn, he has made some very intelligent points on this, so I think he understands as well.

So many of you understand that it is no easy task making dmods. It can take months and some people put everything they have into making their dmods. And when one has poured so much of themselves into these, trying their best to make others happy throught their art, well then naturally they want others to play their dmods. That's only natural.

But the situation we have here as that the dmods are ranked in order. With the click of a button we can see that. And people will choose what dmods to play based solely on this and nothing else.

So all I was trying to convey was that people should be very careful in throwing around 8s and 9s because the unfortunate consequence is that it reflects on every single other dmod on the DN.

Take, for example, CC2. 8.9 wouldn’t be such a bad score if there were only 1 or 2 dmods that rank higher than that. But with so many (way too many) dmods get 9s, then 8.9 becomes an insulting score for what obviously took so much to make. But if someone slaps together something in 24 hrs. and gives that a 9.3......... well, you see where I am going with this.

As I said earlier, in the old days a dmod would get several reviews and things would tend to balance out. But now so often one person makes the judgement alone and a dmod's fate hangs in the balance. A score that is way too low diminishes that dmod. A score that is way too high diminishes all other dmods. That's unfortunate, but true.

So despite what Ms. Dink says, my points are perfectly valid. And yes, Ms. Dink, I CAN hate the reviews.

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Trees, bushes, rocks, plantsDevelopment, GraphicsN/AJune 6th, 2016
Orb of Darkness, theD-Mod, QuestGood 7.7May 28th, 2016
Echoes of the AncientsD-Mod, QuestGood 8.9January 17th, 2016
SolsticeD-Mod, RompFair 6.7June 24th, 2015
AtonementD-Mod, RompFair 6.9May 13th, 2015

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exactly what the author intended Blacksmith's Trail (The)FeaturedExceptional 9.2December 20th, 2015
I found this dmod annoying. Picnic PerilsFeaturedFair 5.0December 20th, 2015
decent first effort SilenceNormalFair 5.8August 5th, 2015
not good at all Sour Gummy WormsNormalHorrible 0.7August 4th, 2015

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Preview Trees, bushes, rocks, plantsJune 6th, 2016
Preview Echoes of the AncientsJanuary 17th, 2016
Preview Echoes of the AncientsJanuary 17th, 2016
Preview SolsticeJune 24th, 2015
Preview Orb of Darkness, theJune 5th, 2015
Preview Orb of Darkness, theApril 15th, 2015