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2014-04-10 22:53:47

It's been centuries since I've been here, folks! How are we all doing, new comers and veterans alike? Group hugs, everyone! *inserts here non-existent emoticon of two or more smiley faces hugging each other*

I remembered, back in the days, this was the very first D-Mod that I played. (Though not the first I downloaded xD) From the best of my memories, it was cut short due to the almost-completed project having been destroyed in the brimstones of a failed hard-drive; we're now (and have been for 14 years) left with this shortened demo version which Striker was somehow able to retrieve.
It was extremely hard for striker, considering that he has put so much arduous effort into creating "Back to the Grave"; there won't ever be a full version because of this understandable deep disappointment. All the fans have been disappointed too.

I want to ask the rest of this dink community: how do you guys feel about the idea of Striker/whoever picking up on the project again and finally finishing the darn thing? I'm sympathetic to his (and our) disappointment and discouragement, but I think that, after 14 years, there's been enough of a healing time-lapse for Striker/whoever to do so.

I'm one of those people where, if there's something that seems to have an incomplete ending, I would love to see that a definite ending be created, somehow some time; doesn't matter when.

Let's talk about it, folks.

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