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Good evening... I've only recently become a member of TDN (though it has been quite a few months now I guess)... though have been following the boards from time to time for a while now... recently started contemplating creating my own d-mod, with absolutely no programming/scripting/mapping forgive my naivety when it comes to such things! Any advice would be much appreciated

Also, though my programming skills are limited at present, I've played quite a few d-mods, and as such, am more than willing to beta-test any works pending completion if needed... and am definitely available for grammar and spell-checking.

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2006-05-23 10:38:59
Ok... I will stop bugging you all soon... D-mod was coming along nicely...
Unfortunately, as soon as I tried implementing a 'show_bmp' procedure into one of my d-mod scripts, everytime I try to play the d-mod.. and click on 'start', the whole computer freezes on 'Please wait (creating a new game)". I then deleted the file with the 'show_bmp' command and removed the relevant graphics... and it's still freezing. Does anyone have any idea what went wrong? It was working perfectly well before and now I'm rather worried about the state of my computer.

Please, help?

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