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Peasant Male Australia
Remember you're unique, just like everyone else. 
Hey I'm James and I've been here for a little while, been playing D-mods for a while now but lately haven't spent any real time on the computer scripting or playing.

Currently making a D-mod called The City and it's slowly ever so slowly getting there. My bro is also making a pretty neat mod called Little Quest which so far looks real nice (not as long as mine but much more polished and a fair bit better) but neither of us have actually released anything. Been about 2.5 years since I started this D-mod. Wow. I've probably spent less than 30 hours on the whole thing so that would be why it's not finished...

Kinda Regular update Diary thing on the progress of 'The City'
(All entries without dates have been done before the start of this thyng)

Finished Intro and learned a lot about moving and creating things with scripts. Possibly will be edited later.
Finished mapping area around town and forest, no buffing done yet. Will need to look at original.
Finished scripting most of town. Will need to play through sweeping up bugs and unfinished scripts.
Had a dream that I finished my D-mod.
Finished forest and entry to underground. Will need to be edited and some remapping as the story progresses.
Started work on underground town and ideas. Most mapping+hardness done, nearly no scripting.

Term 1 Holidays:
Lot's of work done on underground town, mainly scripting and more story. Story progressing without hazard just a feeling that someone will slam the door on the card tower.
Will most liking need to change wizards name from Tantar to something else as it sounds like an elephant's name. Will need to revisit the plot because I can't remember the "Grand Plan".

Week 1:
I have done a very little bit on scripting but I just recently have been helping one of my friends get into scripting, his computer isn't up to running Dink or WDE well enough so he came round to my place.
Additional Notes:
School has started and I hope I can keep up with D-modding but I'm not sure how much time I will have spare.

4/8/07 Haven't done ANY scripting since last update, school term break in about 4 weeks so I should be able to get back into it then. Perhaps the total boringness of whats on the board at the moment is making me bored of Dink.

12/8/07 Did about 3 hours work today, I finished off a few of the underground town scripts and worked a lot on a guard test script. I can't get it to stop spawning pillbugs at the moment even with my supposedly nifty plan with variables. Can't be bothered doing any more today and right now I'm hungry.

15/1/08-summer holidays-Judging by the date difference I haven't really done anything for ages, I've changed the Wizards name to Fael and some other random script stuff but most of the time I spend is trying to work out where I was up to before I stopped and then my burst of scriptwriting ends and I leave it for a few weeks, if I actually worked on it I could have it finished by second term but I won't, maybe the end of 2008 if I'm lucky and get bored of WoW or something.

17/1/08 Did a little bit of scripting yesterday and got really hyped up about it and today did a few hours work and will do a few more. Started and finished to an extent all of the east city part, still need to fit in the wizard somehow, made a forest north and a small desert south. I'll need to play it through to find out how easy it is to get to the east side and then play it through for faults. Going slightly mad now so I think I need to eat something and kick the footy, maybe I'll bring a radio up here so I can hear the sound of other people's voices.

30/1/08 Done about an hour since last post and I might do some today because I'm home alone and bored. I've come up with a few ideas of endings in the car and I've yet to choose one. I'm amazed at how fast I finished the east city, I think it was because there was no people there and I didn't have to write any substantial or plot related scripts for it. I need to do the whole slayer forest (if there is one) and the goblin place and pull the story together. I worked out 7/10 of the guard test but that doesn't mean it's 7 10ths finished, I just need to do some stuff with the changing levels and boncas and the first two tests should be right, I still need to make the last test with all the missiles which should be fun. I tried to add Dan's tree graphics but for some reason I couldn't and I don't know why, I'll fix it eventually because I'd like to have a bit of diversity without being weird and little bit of the original without being boring.

1/2/08 Put details and screen numbers in all my scripts.

29/3/08 (from last post till now) Done a bit more thinking on the ending and twist. Seems a lot shorter than when I started. I made the area around the east side and am thinking about making the west side evil or something. Did some side/later quest stuff with a burning tree and the pillar of fire for the road north. Don't know if it's obvious enough for how important it is.

10/2/09 Almost made a year in between two posts. done a bit. sort of. from start to east side is possible without cheating and it almost integrates with the D-mod (is playable like it should be). Won't be able to do much due to year 10. and maths methods. I have quit WoW temporarily though and I'm not missing it so that should unmess up my free time. Although most of that will be filled with homework and trail bike riding. Still with motivation I could have it finished by the end of the term. I guess this has basically got nothing to do with Dink but who cares? Not me. I can delete it later if it appears embarrassing or something. lots of full stops today. hmm. odd.
As a summary right now I hope I get into scripting and finish it by the end of semester 1 but I doubt it.
See you next year.

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2007-04-04 02:29:35
Peasant Male Australia
Remember you're unique, just like everyone else. 
I think the elf is too hard as well, he is doing 13 on me and I have got all the powerups and killed all the monsters at least once and he's faster than me! bombs seem to work but actually hitting him more than once with one without dying is a challenge. The elixir seller ripped me off too.

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