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Hi people,
I'm Dukie, the friendly guy to turn to whenever you feel lonely. Or happy. Or I can do something Dink related for you, the humble Dink Network user! Now, email me stuff! Please!

Marketing and internet are my passions. I'm trying to combine them as much as possible.

My eternally-in-progress D-Mod The Dink Hotel will be really good, although it will take a while before it's finished

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2002-10-14 13:34:23
Peasant Male
: : : Does anyone know the meaning of those words?

: : : 1. zoophyte

: : : 2. pzazz

: : : 3. azimuth

: : : 4. hemipterous

: : : 5. passim

: : Does anyone know what 'schism or schizm' means?

: schizm goes along the lines of a quarrel, like a schizm in the balkans started the first world war.

They shot a prince! Or a king .. from yuguslavia I think.. Hmm.. Why am I posting this

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