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2002-09-08 18:01:06
: I picked King Daniel because we share the same name, and because I'm the webmaster

: The background is always one of the SOB Red Tiles, to indicate the 'red' part of redink1.

My screenname was first inspired by the Death Kinghts in Warcraft 2 back in 1995. Ah the good ol days. So I picked death in Dink b/c it had that grim reaperly look and the death knight look from warcraft 2 well sort of, but it fits the theme. As for the Lord part I upgraded from knight to lord b/c they had more power and control, I guess. As for the red background I think of it as red pool of blood. Actually the reason why I pick the color red is b/c I usually type in red, I guess. I noticed I'm one of the fewest dinkers who picks death as their icon.


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Desert Tiles GraphicsDevelopment, GraphicsGood 7.3June 6th, 2002
Final Fantasy Midi PackDevelopment, MusicGood 7.7January 21st, 2002
Themes Midi PackDevelopment, MusicGood 8.2January 21st, 2002