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Updated Site: The Dink Smallwood Solutions

We don't post news on Dink sites often here, possibly because there are so few. But don't fret, it's that time again! After not having updated for way too long, The Dink Smallwood Solutions is back in action! Beuc did an absolutely great job converting the site to SPIP, which means a bunch of new features are on the horizon. The first being out already is the ability for walkthrough authors to submit, review and edit their works at the site itself!

In other not so Dink Smallwood related news, Seth Robinson is working on some super secret new games over at RTSoft. As a test, he imported the original Dink Smallwood map in his fancy new editor. This allowed him to view the map with full zooming capabilities. What? You don't want to visit RTSoft, but do want to see some screenshots? Ok then, enjoy this one and that one then. There's no mention that these games have got anything to do with Dink Smallwood though. But we'll keep up the hope!