The Dink Network

To Decompile or Not to Decompile...

...that is the question of the hour.

As some of our community members know, it has been long debated in the community about whether or not the Dink Network should host programs that will decompile those precious .d and .ff files that modders... and cheaters are so eager to get at.

Back in "the before time"... the long, long ago, the venerable Gary Hertel asked us whether or not he should release his .d decompiler to the public. Eventually he decided that in the interest of the original authors protecting their work, his decompiler would remain hidden away. This rationale was adopted by the DN and, ever since, we have not hosted such files.

However, times and attitudes change... and such a tool would be quite valuable in unlocking the secrets of various d-mods, as well as for some of us who may have lost the original source to d-mods we stupidly decided hide behind compiled code.

What do you, as members of the Dink community think should be done? Should the status quo be maintained, or should we finally hand over these keys to doors intentionally locked by their authors?