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Recent Release Rumble Q2 2010 Results

The results for the RRR Q2 2010 are finally in! Check the comments to see the results.

There where a total of 10 votes for non-DMOD files and 9 votes for DMOD files. The winners earn a description in their files and the top two files qualify for the download of the year awards!


4th place:
Corporate Managerialism (no votes)
Dink Z Trivia (no votes)
Fate of Destiny (Demo) (no votes)
Forest of Doom (no votes)
Higgledy Piggledy (no votes)
The Day After the Middle Night (no votes)
Where's Likko? (no votes)

3rd place:
Agatha Smallwood's Will (1 vote, 11% of the total)
Furball (1 vote, 11% of the total)

2nd place:
Grasp of Darkness (3 votes, 33% of the total)

1st place:
The River (4 votes, 44% of the total)

Non D-Mod files:

4th place:
Zeddexx's Homemade MIDI's (no votes)

3rd place:
Platform Transportation (1 vote, 10% of the total)
Mr. None (1 vote, 10% of the total)

2nd place:
Dark Grass Cliff Tile (2 votes, 20% of the total)

1st place:
Poison Status (6 votes, 60% of the total)

This RRR also saw the return of Mr. None, will he become notorious once more?

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all everybody for voting!