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Pollocracy twenty: Destructive defenestration

It's time for fun! It's time for defenestration! It is time for Pollocracy!

See the comments for the whole story.

In pollocracy we don't just look at polls, we look at people looking at polls. And people looking at polls sometimes reflect on their looking and place a comment. Today your humble poll master is sharing some of these comments, giving you a non-exclusive look behind the scenes! Get hyped!

As before I've selected three comments for each poll since the last Pollocracy:

Poll 278: Is it time for a new poll?

3) BAANAANAAAAA YAY though really the correct answer to this poll is of course "Tal".
2) It is always time for a new poll. Except during the war of 1812, of course.
1) Maybe if the pollmaster had more bananas he'd be a little more regular...

Poll 279: Which of the following is the most evil?

3) Voting Politicians, because it's the only one that sounds remotely like Milder.
2) I'll go with "Politicians", but only because "Fast Food Mascots" was not an option.
1) Politicians you know what their deal is. No one knows the true aim of a Florist.

Poll 280: Do you want more of the same?

3) Yes?
2) Same is japanese for shark. I do not want more sharks.
1) Same is lame. Therefore, yes. Also, I wonder if I picked the yes with less votes, or the yes with more votes.

Poll 281: Happy New Year!

3) First poll of 2016. So much pressure to post a good comment. Shit.
2) I started my new year by headbutting a urinal in the pub. Here's to 2016!
1) Um, some of us are new-year intolerant!??? Check your privilege!???

Poll 282: Do you ever use semicolons?

3) ;-)
2) They increase my verbosity quotient immensely.
1) I use my colon all the time, I don't know how you know I only have half of it though.

Poll 283: How's your new year's resolution working out?

3) Working out was my 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 new year's resolution. This year I'm doing it though, almost certainly
2) it usually goes to the gym. Sometimes it does curls at home. Other times when it thinks I'm not home it uses a shake weight.
1) The resolution is working out very well, but I am not.

Poll 284: Are you celebrating Valentine's day?

3) Its always nice to celebrate the St. Valentine's day massacre
2) Unfortunately not. Will you be my valentine, Metatarasal? I'll pay you. [I'm a bit late for this, am I not?*]
1) Will you be mine, #284?

Poll 285: What do you think about Virtual reality?

3) Have you ever tried unvirtual Reality?
2) What makes you think you see regular reality, Drone?
1) Tell me once virtual reality gets bananas and beheadable ducks, and maybe then I'll be interested.

And that's the first Pollocracy of 2016 done! Keep on commenting!