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Pollocracy nineteen: Quality questions

It is time for another 'Pollocracy'!

Pollocracy is the article in which some of the best comments on the poll are published for all to enjoy! Check out the comments for more.

In this edition of pollocracy we answered many of the great questions in life, including the abolition of Slovakia, flame wars and how often the 'upcoming DMODs' list is being checked. But the most sobering conclusion this time around is that half of our visitiors are murdering ducks.


Poll 268: Should we abolish Slovakia?

3) i liked it better when it was czechoslovakia. it's cooler
2) Yes. With fireball magic, apparently.
1) Bananas don't float. Slovakia will.

Poll 269: What adjective best suits Dink?

3) I RESENT the fact there was no "jimbulcious" option. if you can makwle up words, why cant i?
2) Voracious, because it's the only word I think is in English.
1) I don't recall any dmod where dink was humble, so it's got to be hubristic.

Poll 270: What do you do for a living?

3) play on computer
2) All I know is every night I go to bed, and I wake up in a different country with thousands of dollars clasped in my blood-stained hand.
1) not sure. mostly cuz im actually dead inside.

Poll 271: Have you recently checked the upcoming DMODs list?

3) yeah. Youre dealing with some fairly complicated spacey wacey timey wimey stuff here. but all said and done i checked it 2 years ago.
2) Whoa, I totally forgot that even existed.
1) In a cosmic sense, haven't we all checked it recently? Perhaps in a past life, we were a web server, and part of us WAS the upcoming DMODs list. Maybe I'll invite it to the next family reunion.

Poll 272: How were you acquitted recently?

3) I used a sarcastic reverse psychology. defense.
2) Fortunately, the charge was thrown out for "Excessive Duck Noogieing"
1) What makes you think I was?

Poll 273: Are you into digitally distributed games?

3) Downloading games is like going to the store without having to worry about people staring at your duck head necklace
2) I actually wasn't that into games. I found out Dink was a computer game after seeing it won't play on windows media player.
1) digital is nice and all, but it is comforting to have disks. Especially when I was younger and I could fit it through the hole in the middle. I really loved games/

Poll 274: What's the solution?

3) With the proper dilution, it may be able to end my misery.
2) You could combine voilence and protest quite easily by using the acid in certain ways. But who cares anyway. meh
1) unlike popular believe violence is always hthe answer

Poll 275: Are you going on vacation?

3) I'm going to the Digital World.
2) "Why does Chinese food taste so good" is a mystery to me.
1) I'm So Poor I Use I Need Coupons For Coupons

Poll 276: Best part of the poll?

3) Which part's the comment box?
2) The Fact that we're rewarded with cookies if we're top comment is good too.
1) It's got to be the poll number. I like that it's just right there. I don't have to be like, "Hey poll can I getcho numbuh?" Because sometimes that doesn't work. All right, I gotta go hit up this poll down the block real quick.

Poll 277: Flame war?

3) Last time I got involved in a flame war kuwait got pretty messed up. I had the most flames, but at what cost?
2) In all 277 polls, this one is indubitably the stupidest. No one likes flame wars you indecisive, incompetent poll-changing moronic imbecile.
1) Yeah, who had to be so horrible at polls that *YOU* got the job? Oh right, that was me.

That's all for this version of Pollocracy, I will see you next year for more.

And remember, your comment could be next.