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Pollocracy eighteen: Thick thinking

Another eight polls done... That seems like another version of Pollocracy should appear doesn't it? So, another version of Pollocracy it is then.

check out the comments for the full story.

For those of you unaware about what Pollocracy is... Well, why did you go to the comments? Is it that curious little bug that wants to know the strange thoughts of other people? If so, then you're in the right place, Pollocracy is an article I occasionally put up where I post some of the comments people post in the polls. And strange thoughts abound here...

Poll 260: How often do you vote in the poll?

3) Are you crazy? There's no way I'd ever vote in one of these things!!1
2) Voting is my duty to prevent tyranny. Like questions like "How much do you hate your loved ones??"
1) I usually only vote when I'm really drunk and I'm seeing visions of strippers all around me. Like now, for instance.

Poll 261: What do you think of our new contest?

3) ???
2) ...
1) !!

Poll 262: Would you watch a DMOD being created on Twitch?

3) uuuh..
2) As long as it's in Joel's style from Vinesauce. I will watch it.
1) thrill as code is slowly entered into notepad++, watch in awe as the host gets up to go pee

Poll 263: Is it time for another organized chat?

3) rules make chatting BORING!
2) dsb oi nr gis u tn bo cop qef hfy!
1) Do you, the Poll-writer, take Dink Smallwood to be your lawfully wedded chat topic on the day when this poll rotates to the next question?

Poll 264: Did Santa visit you this year?

3) I think that guy with the beard was actually me though. I don't really remember what happened, though I'm somehow feeling nothing but regret. I'm going to go cry in a corner now.
2) This was a month ago, I can't remember all the details.
1) I can't believe there isn't a "Didn't see a single Santa.. " -option.

Poll 265: How impressed are you that CocoMonkey played all the DMODs?

3) Can it truly be said he's played all of them until we invent machines that can read minds and make Dmods based on their various psychoses?
2) Playing every one of them wasn't all that impressive. The part of succeeding to find so many different ways to say "crappy D-Mod" is what I found amazing!
1) he... he did it... he wasted more time on dink games than any dinker has ever wasted before... thats the DREAM! *tear rolls down cheek*

Poll 266: What do you do to prevent being beheaded?

3) I also try not to smuggle drugs into Asia.
2) I make sure to stay one step a-HEAD of the executioners.
1) Do not terminate headstayon.exe

Poll 267: My heart is made of:

3) Booze is mostly water, right?
2) for my friends i'm good for me enemies... may they rest in pieces!
1) My heart is made of wood. Smallwood. Geddit? Geddit? HAW HAW HAW

And that's another eight polls done. See you for Pollocracy nineteen, probably coming later this year.