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New D-Mod: Northern Lands (Unfinished)

Renowned Mortal Kombat aficionado, Bluedy has released his few-months-in-the-making second D-Mod Northern Lands (Unfinished) today.

Unfortunately, as you might already suspect by the curious use of the term 'Unfinished' several times in this post, Bluedy ran into the 'brick-wall-of-D-Mod-development' that has claimed so many innocent D-Mods over the last 20 years (such as Necromancer, Cloud Castle 3, Cast Awakening 2, Cast Awakening 3, and Cast Awakening 4). Thankfully, as SabreTrout did with Valhalla, Bluedy has released what he as so far, which is decently-sized quest. He even encourages others in the community to maybe finish what he's started.