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Interview with Seth Robinson

This interview was taken on 15-8-99 by Dukie.

Dukie: First of all, let me congratulate you with your engagement, is everything alright with Akiko right now?

Seth: Everything is great!!!!!!  She's incredible.  I'm learning Japanese, preparing to meet her parents.. it's gonna be rough.. !!!

Dukie: Did you expect Dink Smallwood to be the success it is now when you released it, with well over 40 d-mods, including ones like Prophecy of the Ancients, ad-mod bigger than the original game itself, and Dinkanoid, a marvel of DinkC scripting?

Seth: I didn't expect.. but I was hoping.:)  I actually hoped for a little more commercial success, but hey.. nobody is going to take a  game with the word "Dink" or "Smallwood" in the title.  Maybe a slight marketing flaw... but the word Smallwood came to me in a dream, and Dink was Justin (the Artists) idea.  Can't argue with dreams, it makes you feel weird. !!

Dukie: Until now, no one has ever attempted to sell a d-mod, although a few people have suggested they would.  Even now, there are talks of again selling ad-mod.  What is your opinion on selling d-mod and are you surprised that no one has actually tried to sell one?

Seth: I am suprised.  In the end, Dink just doesn't have a big enough user base to warrant writing DMOD's for profit.. it really has to be a hobby type of thing.
I have no problem with someone charging for an addon.  If people will pay it, must mean the demo was pretty damn good.  If it wasn't, don't buy the full version.  Support the arts YOU want to
support; our society is (or at least should be) built on this concept.

Dukie: Will Dink Smallwood 2 ever be created, and if so, will there be3D graphics and/or online playabilty?

Seth: I won't base any new games on Dink, but expect him to have cameo's in any new RPG's I do.

Dukie: Is People Farm still going to be produced and how closely does it resemble Will Wright's and Maxis' upcoming game "The Sims" ?

Seth: People Farm is going to be a free technology demo of this super NPC AI with conversational abilities - there is a chance I will skip the demo and drop it right into an RPG without prior testing.

"The Sims" looks cool... if it's like "Little Computer People" for the Commodore 64, especially.

Dukie: What do you think about the departure of some people, like Mod-God Mike Snyder and Gary Hertel, that helped make the Dink community as it is now?

Seth: It's the natural evolution of programming - I'm very grateful for what they contributed and hope each project they do is bigger and more successful. I'm going to send them all some special gift someday. (if I ever get rich)

Dukie: Is Dink Smallwood really sold out now and is there nothing that people who want to buy the game can do?  Even today people are still waiting for their copy to arrive, so there must still be an audience for it.

Seth: It's sold out.  To everybody who wants to buy it but can't,  expect a big announcement on the subject soon.

Dukie: If you could change anything about Dink Smallwood, what would it be, or is it flawless in your opinion?

Seth: I would make the part where you have to kill the goblins and Mog clearer, and easier.  I might make the end boss easier. (judging from the emails I get, these are the two most commons
As far as what type of game it is, I think it's perfect.  It's exactly what I was aiming for.  I hope each RPG I do has a completely different flavor. And is better than the last.

I should have scripted the entire game before starting.. instead of doing the last half of the game and making up the ending in the three days before release. (does it show? ;) )

Dukie: What sort of games do you like to play yourself ?

Seth: I play everything, but generally for less than 10 minutes.. unless it's good or different or original.  !!  I've been playing EverQuest (we have a little group that comes over and plays every week, just an excuse to get together and eat pizza. (really.. :) )

Dukie: What's the meaning of life?

Seth: That easy, Sex.  Without it, none of us would be here.  Without some form of copulation, no life would exist.

Dukie: Any last words for the Dinkiverse?

Seth: THANKS!!!!!!!!!  I've been reading the Dink board and trying out new DMOD's (can that one guy really finish his Starwars one??? I dunno.. probably too big, but we can hope for the best) but I forgot how to post with my special color, but when I figure it out, watch out!!!!!!!

Dukie: Thanks for the interview : )