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Everything Dink 03: Dinkers Actually Exist

It's true: Dinkers actually do exist. How I know this unmistakable fact? I've seen them. In the wild. Sure, it scared me a little at first, but after a while I realized I'm a Dinker myself and that there's nothing to be afraid of. "What is this guy talking about?!", you ask? About the Official Dink Meet 2011 ofcourse, silly!

Check out the comments to read on.

So, Dink Meet 2011. I was there, and so were Magicman, Sharp, Metatarasal, Erwin, Shevek, Samurai8 and Joycielaanie. And I have visual evidence too. Click here to see the pictures. Viewer discretion is advised.

So, what did we do? That's top secret. But maybe somebody else who attended wants to tell. Be sure to bug them about it repeatedly.

All in all, I enjoyed hanging out with everybody. And if you, dear reader, couldn't make it this time, be sure to join us next time (which, according to inside sources, might be taking place in Finland).