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Everything Dink 01: 95% Statistics

We all know the Dink Community isn't going as strong as it used to be. Redink1 left the throne, and staff went on to do other, less important things (like eek! working).

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! New staff members emerged, and hey! One of them is starting a new website article (me, baby). The name of this article isn't final yet, but the idea is that once a month or so, I present random tidbits from the website's past, present and future. It's totally random, but it's all Dink-related. If you know a (better) name for this article, please tell me so in the comments.

Now, check out the comments for the first entry of this article!

For all the statistics nerds out there, I know I am one.

1) The earliest D-Mod currently on this site is from july 9th, 1998 (latest update date), named Dinkopolis...

2) ...But the actual earliest D-Mod was from Seth himself, called The Search For Milli Vanilli.

3) The most recent D-Mod is Bug Mania, which was updated today.

4) In 10 years and 10 months (from july 1998 to may 2009), ~290 D-Mods have been released (some have been removed from the site).

5) This averages out at 26,85 D-Mods per year, and 2,24 D-Mods per month.

6) The peak of D-Mod releases was between january 2nd 2006 and december 31st 2007. 92 D-Mods have been released and updated in this period (54 in 2006 and 38 in 2007).

7) The average amount of D-Mods per month for this period was 3,83.

8) The D-Mod drought hit us at end of may 2008. To say it hasn't improved ever since is an understatement.

9) The average amount of D-Mods since "the drought" is a mere 0,55 D-Mods per month.

10) The positive side is: this average can only improve (right??).

11) The biggest "activity drought" (unique website visitors + releases + reviews + forumposts) was between july and november 2008.

12) Site activity went up again at the end of january 2009, and is still rising somewhat.

13) My prediction is that site activity should increase between end of june 2009 and february 2010.

But yeah, statistics are pretty useless most the time. The average human has one breast and one testicle, but chances are slim you'll ever meet one.