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Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods: Volume 1 Available Now

Crazy Old Tim Play All The D-Mods Volume 1: 1998 - 2004 Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods Volume 1: 1998 - 2004, a 430 page physical book (!) is now available for purchase. For more details, please visit our book page.

For those of you who missed previous posts about this, something really cool happened a few years ago. Tim Maurer (aka CocoMonkey) decided to play through every D-Mod ever released, and write about his experiences as he went. He decided to call this project 'Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods' (COTPATD). Along the way, he covered all 355 D-Mods, and wrote just under 300,000 words in total. His writing was pretty darn brilliant, and was witty, thoughtful, personal, and hilarious.

Sadly, he died shortly after completing his project.

Tim wrote COTPATD because he "wanted to give something back to a community that meant a lot to [him] when [he] was younger", and I believe that publishing his work in book-form continues that goal. COTPATD is a glimpse at our community through the silly games that we created together, and having that on a bookshelf makes it more 'real' than a web page that might disappear overnight. I think it is also important to recognize Tim's achievement, as sad as it is that he isn't around to see this.

In editing COTPATD, I've fixed a few typos and grammar mistakes, and added a few missing screenshots. I've also trimmed out a tiny amount of content for formatting purposes. However, I've also added some additional 'context' to Tim's entries, including the community response to the COTPATD project, old forum posts, alternative reviews, and some historical snapshots of what was going on in the community while the D-Mods were released.

I have this absurd fantasy in my head that after the apocalypse, COTPATD is one of the only books that survives. I imagine a future anthropologist in a white jumpsuit, carefully turning each page. They would start to understand a tiny slice of a few lives from the early 21st century, and hopefully start laughing all along the way.

Oh, one more thing: earlier this year, I asked everyone I knew who was connected to Dink if they wanted to write a few words to include in the book, and I received responses from about 20-30 different people. Most of these responses will be included in Volume 2, but some are included in Volume 1.