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Awards: April Voting has Ended

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I am here after coding for a for hours and I have the results. This time around, not only do we have a winner, but we have two, which makes up for last times mistake of no one getting the award. Our winners are FireLake with Dinkablo II: Shadow and Flame Demo and Lancemads with Dink's Father. Congrats to our two winners.

Fun Fact: The only person to review the two winning files is Kat. (hint hint)

Read the comments for details on the awards system status.

Well, we screwed up. Our system was incompatible for multiple winners, and now I am redoing parts of it. The parts that matter are now up, the admin is working, and most of the viewing is done, the rest will be completed tomarrow since after a few hours of coding I am spent. It's past mid night here and I am falling sleep writting this, so I don't think I should be coding anymore. As far as I know, viewing the winners like this does not work. No big deal. If anyone figures out anything else that does not work, please message me right away. Thanks for your support.