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May 18th 2009, 11:16 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
Well, I've done a little bit of mapping, a little bit of bugfixing, and possibly some other thingies I can't remember right now. So not really a great deal of progress.

A little status update:

Right now I 'finished' one world (The area north-west of the large forest), but It will require some extra tweaking. I'm busy finishing up the main quest in the areas belonging to the two villages next to the ocean. But they will still require a lot of tweaking. Right now the eastern part is so buggy and unbalanced you can't even play through it without using some very specific cheats... The western part is playable, but doesn't have any enemies yet.

And I'm also planning on making some side quests in these areas. Plus I still need to do just about everything inside the large city you see on the map. And maybe I have to figure out how to make the story a bit less boring...

Ah, well we'll see what happens...

I'll probably bump this thread again if I reach some sort of milestone in the future.