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November 12th 2002, 01:56 PM
: : : Now, why is that up in that... thingie that is on top of the site when it loads? Right after 'The Dink Network - board'.

: : : Ok, so you can kill some ducks, but a duck killing sim?

: : : And premier web site? Guess we're the only ones that are into killing ducks?

: : Doh, that was supposed to go on my excellent Duck Hunt web page, dedicated to the awesome game that is Duck Hunt... in case you haven't heard of it, it was an army recruitment tool in the early 60's.  The government-funded Nintendo project discovered that children who were exposed to violence through the game Duck Hunt were much more likely to be desensitized to violence and become better soldiers.  The Nintendo console was then unleashed into the general public, under the guise of a children's toy...

: : Of course, everyone knows how that turned out, with the public backlash against Nintendo in the 70's, and the eventual evacuation of Tokyo because Godzilla wanted to play some Duck Hunt... poor Tokyo.

: : So yeah... sorry about that.

: : In case you haven't gotten the hint by now, the title 'The premier web site for duck killing simulations' is a joke, as was the rest of this message.

: Cool. So we ARE they only ones into killing ducks!

For now. But it will grow to a fever pitch, and we will be a small cult no more ; )