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Reply to Re: Ending 3 hardfreeze in FreeDink and way to avoid it

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June 30th 2022, 03:21 AM
It always happens during dialogue between Elder and Acolyte (ending3.c past "// Screen 674" comment line), unless spacebar is mashed during that dialogue (you don't have to press spacebar on other screens of that long cutscene). Which lines are seen depends on whether (and how many times) player pressed spacebar.

If spacebar was not pressed at all during ENTIRE cutscene (from the very beginning, not between Elder and Acolyte), freeze happens after the second line of dialogue:
- It has, has it?

If spacebar was violently mashed throughout entire cutscene BEFORE screen changes to 674 where dialogue between Elder and Acolyte happens, but not after this part of cutscene begins, two more lines will be seen, and the game will be freezed at:
- We should have known better than to mess with the dead.

If you skip first few lines of that dialogue, but stop pressing spacebar afterwards, the freeze will still happen a few lines after.

The spacebar has to be mashed during the dialogue between Elder and Acolyte to get past the possible freeze before it has time to happen (it can only happen during that part of scene). It is as if it set to happen a fixed duration after screen change to 674 happens, so you need to hurry so that script gets killed. If you got to the credits rolling, you are safe from that point onwards, as ending3.c script gets killed and a different script is responsible for showing you credits which doesn't have this bug.

As to what causes the bug to happen, I have no idea.