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June 18th, 12:47 PM
Peasant Male Romania
C# nerd 
Yeah, that was my thought too. I was looking into p7zip actually:
Although, I'm also looking at this,

I could do something like using the current 7zip lib wrapper on windows. Then on linux use Sharpcompress to install dmods without relying on running p7zip, and for installing freedink with v108 data, that can be handled through bash scripting (although I have to look into that a bit since i'm quite a noob when it comes to such things).

Although ideally... I wouldn't want to use two different LZMA packages for windows and linux, would much rather just use Sharpcompress directly on windows too, but alas it can't handle Dink V108 and Dink HD NSIS installer archives natively, so I have to parse the file a bit before i can decompress it. Currently looking into that.