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June 6th, 09:33 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 

I just wrote this whole post, and now have to rewrite it lol

This is my mistake. Somehow my vcheck.c in the story folder, does not match the one in the "scripts" folder that people will copy to put into their dmod, I am updating it again now. I think I accidentally uploaded the wrong package (an older one, that had that discrepency that got fixed, then I uploaded the broken version anyway, whoops!).

While doing so I guess I can also fix the typo in the choice menu.

EDIT: I have updated it to 2.02, and uploaded the CORRECT file that I was meant to upload last time. You can update vcheck.c with the new one now and all your problems will be solved.
This is limited to dmod problems, not life problems - version checker can't help with that