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March 4th 2020, 09:47 PM
Yep, that's what I mean. I tried the variable way, and tried setting it to survive and then killing it via set_kill_sound.

Tested and works in dink 1.08, but does nothing in freedink 109.6

But in testing I found a crazy bug in the engine that I can't believe people haven't found before, which occured for me in both FreeDink and 1.08.

If you go between two screens via a warp (not a screen change), and both of those screens contains a sprite that has a sound attached, it will do this weird thing where the sounds "merge" together (the sprite with sp_sound will be playing both sounds). I only noticed this when I was testing this further and was going in and out of house... the house had a fireplace playing the fire sound, and outside was a savebot.

Further more, if you constantly go between the screens, the sounds just keep latching onto whatever sprite has a sound set on it, and eventually it'll bank up and run out of soundbank slots (you can tell, when the door warp sound stops working).

The fix is to place a delay of wait(40) on a sprite with a sp_sound set on it, and then it doesn't happen.