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November 24th 2019, 08:59 AM
Peasant Male Poland
FreeDink is not always better. For example I'm having some serious problems in taking screenshots while using FreeDink. My OS is 8.1. For some dumb reason instead of the actual game screen my computer is taking a screenshot of my current desktop or other application I have opened in a windowed mode, "behind" the Dink game.

Speaking of windowed mode: if I try to use it in FreeDink I cannot move the mouse cursor to maximize the view and the window just stays in small size in the middle of the screen.

There are also some dmods that constantly freeze in FreeDink (and even unfreezing using console does not work), while in DinkHD they do not.

Also if a game has some serious hardness errors and you step out of the map with no return in FreeDink your progress is finished (unless there is some console command for this I do not know about). In DinkHD I just enter the ghost mode, return to the normal map, switch off the ghost mode and continue playing.