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November 14th 2019, 08:06 PM
Peasant Male Poland
Actually I would be grateful, because the mud area is quite large and it would be useful to at least partially know where am I heading. So if you could send me that new version I would appreciate that.

Ok. I have uploaded the 3.00a version to my google drive; but I deleted it a few minutes ago. (I explain why below.) I'll upload 3.00b in a while.

I'm afraid that I got some BAD news, in both versions yes, Dink starts talking about the map, but for some reason he says Xavier's name like this: XavierÂ□□s and then the game freezes, tried multiple times.

I tried to run the game in debug mode and the last message it displayed at this moment was:

Called script 2 from callback 1.


Some important information: I recalled my being here 3 years ago and a freezing problem in the context of one dmod, so I used the 1.09 version of Freedink, set it as a default program to run dmods and when the problem appeared I entered the console and unfroze Dink. From now on the talk with the man went smoothly and everything worked fine.


I had to repeat this while leaving the castle, because Dink froze again after repeating all the words.

Oh - and now THAT is a helpful map!